Helping Minnesotans Achieve Sustainable Homeownership

Long-term homeownership builds wealth. The Minnesota Homeownership Center offers free advisor services and other resources to help you buy a home, and one-on-one help to prevent foreclosure when times are tough.

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Why do I need an advisor?

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Do you want to buy a home?

We can help you achieve your dream. Take a Home Stretch homebuyer education class and/or connect with a free Homeownership Advisor who specializes in helping first-time homebuyers navigate the journey.

Homebuyer Resources

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Are you worried about foreclosure?

You’re not alone. Since 2008, we’ve helped more than 38,000 Minnesota households to avoid foreclosure and stay in their home. Connect with a free Foreclosure Prevention Advisor today to start taking action.

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Homeownership is the #1 way families build wealth in America. But households of color were systemically barred from ownership for generations via racial deed covenants and redlining. While these overt practices have largely been set aside, their destructive impacts remain.

Minnesota’s racial homeownership gap is one of the largest in the country today.
The Minnesota Homeownership Center is dedicated to changing this.


Since 1993, Minnesota Homeownership Center has helped more than 100,000 households to buy and keep their homes.

Working with a homeownership advisor gave me hope. Even though I was working hard to become a homeowner, I didn't believe it was possible for me. My advisor helped me to make my dream a reality.
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Industry Partner Resources

Whether you’re a mortgage loan officer, real estate agent or municipal official, we can help you leverage essential services and resources that empower Minnesota home buyers and homeowners.